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In total when your HP Laser jet error say's perform printer maintenance it asking for attention. One of the best things you can do is have your HP Laser jet inspected and analyzed by a Laser Repair 911 certified HP technician that know’s your machine inside and out. So when you have a perform printer maintenance message don’t panic just schedule us.

We Resolve the Laser jet Printer Jam Or Laser Jet Multi Function in San Jose, CA

The famous Laser Jet printer jam, we have really refined the art of not only removing the jam from your Hewlett Packard printer but repairing it. The Laser Jet jam is widely known especially in the paper tray areas. In addition Lexmark Optra printers also have their normal maintenance needs, we are repair trained and experienced to take care of these too. No shipping or long wait times we come right to you.

Excellent Large Format Printer Maintenance On Your HP Design jet Plotter.

Architects, Engineers, Designers, Artists, General Contractors and Manufacturers are heavy users of HP plotters and we are their go to company .We Love Large Format plotter repair and over the years we have noticed how popular the HP Design jet plotters have become and they work great, but periodically they need repair service too. If your plotter is noisy, has an error, belt coming apart, or just not working we can help with mobile plotter repair service in San Jose, CA

It Say’s 50.1 Fuser Error On My Hewlett Packard Laser Jet What Should I Do?

50.1 Fuser can be caused by many different issues on your Laser jet most likely caused by some interruption in power distribution which signals the controller board to issue the message so you can call for service the best thing is to turn the printer off and get your price for a service call on our price list, once approved we will send a tech out to you locally to solve the 50.1 Fuser Error on your HP Laser Jet in San Jose, CA

Lastly in San Jose, CA and surrounding we can support all of your HP laser jet service support needs, repair your paper tray jam problems, perform printer maintenance, and remove all HP Laser Jet error messages. Get Your Support Today!

Hewlett Packard we service and provide the perform printer maintenance service for and more.

LaserJet 4 C2001A
LaserJet 4000/N C3094A, C4118A, C4118AR, C4120A, C4120AR
LaserJet 4000T/TN C4119A, C4119AR, C4121A, C4121AR
LaserJet 4050/N/se C4251A, C4251AR, C4253A, C4253AR, C4255A
LaserJet 4050T/TN C4252A, C4252AR, C4254A, C4254AR
LaserJet 4250 Q5400A, Q5400AR, Q5401A, Q5401AR, Q5402A, Q5402AR, Q5403A, Q5403AR, Q5404A, Q5404AR, Q7785A, Q7785AR
LaserJet 4350 Q5406A, Q5406AR, Q5407A, Q5407AR, Q5408A, Q5408AR, Q5409A, Q5409AR, Q5410A, Q5410AR
LaserJet 4MV C3142A, C3142AR
LaserJet 4V C3141A, C3141AR
LaserJet 5 C3916A, C3916AR
LaserJet 5000/N/GN/LE/DN C4110A, C4110AR, C4111A, C4111AR, C4112A, C4112AR, C4115A, C4115AR, C4247A, C8068A, C8068AR
LaserJet 5L C3941A, C3941AR, C3941B
LaserJet 5M C3917A, C3917AR
LaserJet 5N C3952A, C3952AR
LaserJet 5Si C3166A, C3166AR
LaserJet 5se C3082A
LaserJet 6MP C3982A, C3982AR
LaserJet 6P C3091A, C3980A, C3980AR
LaserJet 6Pse C4212A
LaserJet 6Pxi C4213A
LaserJet 8000 C4085A, C4085AR, C4086A, C4086AR, C4087A, C4087AR
LaserJet 8100 C4214A, C4214AR, C4215A, C4215AR, C4216A, C4216AR
LaserJet 9000 C8519A, C8519AR, C8520A, C8520AR, C8521A, C8521AR, C8522A
LaserJet 9000MFP C8523A, C8523AR, Q2458A, Q2458AR, Q2622A, Q2622AR, Q2623A, Q2623AR
LaserJet 4100MFP C9148A, C9148AR, C9149A, C9149AR
LaserJet 2100 Series C4138A, C4139A, C4170A, C4170AR, C4171A, C4171AR, C4172A, C4172AR
LaserJet 4 Plus C2037A
LaserJet 4100 series C8049A, C8049AR, C8050A, C8050AR, C8051A, C8051AR, C8052A, C8052AR
LaserJet 4200 series Q2425A, Q2425AR, Q2425Q, Q2425V, Q2426A, Q2426AR, Q2426V, Q2427A, Q2427AR, Q2427V, Q2428A, Q2428AR, Q2428V, Q2446A, Q2446AR, Q2447A, Q2447AR, Q2447V
LaserJet 4300 Printer Q2431A, Q2431AR, Q2431Q, Q2431V, Q2432A, Q2432AR, Q2432V, Q2433A, Q2433AR, Q2433V, Q2434A, Q2434AR, Q2434V, Q2434VR, Q2435A, Q2448A, Q2448AR, Q2448V
LaserJet 4345 Series Q3942A, Q3942AR, Q3943A, Q3943AR, Q3944A, Q3944AR, Q3945A, Q3945AR
LaserJet 4M (w/AppleTalk) C2021A
LaserJet 4M Plus C2039A
LaserJet 5100 Printer Q1860A, Q1860AR, Q1860V, Q1861A, Q1861AR, Q1861V, Q1862A, Q1862AR, Q1862V, Q1863A, Q1863AR
LaserJet 5200 series Q7543A, Q7543AR, Q7544A, Q7544AR, Q7545A, Q7545AR, Q7546A, Q7546AR, Q7547A, Q7547AR
LaserJet 5Si HM C3124A
LaserJet 5Si MX C3167A, C3167AR
LaserJet 5Si Mopier C4076A, C4076AR, C4077A, C4176A
LaserJet 5Si NX C3950A, C3950AR
LaserJet 8150 Series C4265A, C4265AR, C4266A, C4266AR, C4267A, C4267AR, C4268A, C4269A, C9135A, C9135AR
LaserJet M4345 MFP CB425A, CB425AR, CB426A, CB426AR, CB427A, CB427AR, CB428A, CB428AR
Color LaserJet 4500 C4084A, C4084AR, C4089A, C4089AR, C4094A, C4094AR
Color LaserJet 4550 C7085A, C7085AR, C7086A, C7086AR, C7087A, C7087AR, C7088A, C7088AR, C9727A, C9728A, C9729A
Color LaserJet 4600 C9660A, C9660AR, C9661A, C9661AR, C9662A, C9662AR, C9662V, C9663A, C9663AR, C9663Q, C9663V, C9692A, C9692AR
Color LaserJet 4700 Q7491A, Q7491AR, Q7492A, Q7492AR, Q7493A, Q7493AR, Q7494A, Q7494AR, Q7495A, Q7495AR
Color LaserJet 4730MFP Q7517A, Q7517AR, Q7518A, Q7518AR, Q7519A, Q7519AR, Q7520A, Q7520AR
Color LaserJet 5 C3095A, C3960A, C3961A, C3961AR
Color LaserJet 5500 C7131A, C7131AR, C9656A, C9656AR, C9657A, C9657AR, C9658A, C9658AR, C9658Q, C9658V, C9659A, C9659AR, C9659Q, C9659V
Color LaserJet 5550 Q3713A, Q3713AR, Q3714A, Q3714AR, Q3715A, Q3715AR, Q3716A, Q3716AR, Q3717A, Q3717AR, Q3717V
Color LaserJet 5M C3962A, C3962AR
Color LaserJet 8500 C3983A, C3984A, C3985A, C9737A, C9738A, C9739A
Color LaserJet 8550 C7096A, C7096AR, C7097A, C7097AR, C7098A, C7098AR, C7099A, C7099AR
Color LaserJet 9500 C8546A, C8546AR, C8547A, C8547AR
HP LaserJet 9050MFP Q3726A, Q3726AR, Q3728A, Q3728AR
HP LaserJet 9500MFP C8549A, C8549AR
HP LaserJet 9040/9050 series Q3721A, Q3721AR, Q3722A, Q3722AR, Q3723A, Q3723AR, Q7511A, Q7697A, Q7697AR, Q7698A, Q7698AR, Q7699A, Q7699AR
LaserJet 33x0 MFP Series Printers C9124A, C9124AR, C9125A, C9125AR, C9126A, C9126AR, C9151A, C9151AR, C9709A
Color LaserJet 4650 and 4610 Q3668A, Q3668AR, Q3669A, Q3669AR, Q3670A, Q3670AR, Q3671A, Q3671AR, Q3672A, Q3672AR, Q7732A
HP LaserJet 4200L series printer Q3993A, Q3993AR, Q3994A, Q3995A
Hp LaserJet 5100 printer series Q3719A, Q3719AR
HP Color LaserJet CM4730 MFP CB480A, CB480AR

Hewlett Packard Large Format Plotter Equipment We Currently Service

Design Jet 1050C C6074A, C6074AR
Design Jet 2000CP C4703A, C4703AR
Design Jet 2500CP C4704A, C4704AR
Design Jet 2800CP C6085A, C6085AR
Design Jet 3000CP C4723A, C4723AR
Design Jet 3500CP C4724A, C4724AR
Design Jet 3800CP C6084A, C6084AR
Design Jet Z6100 Q6651A, Q6651AR, Q6652A, Q6652AR, Q6653A, Q6653AR, Q6654A, Q6654AR
Design Jet 815 MFP Q1279A, Q1279AR
Design Jet 1050C Plus C6074B, C6074BR
Design Jet 1055 CM C6075A, C6075AR
Design Jet 1055CM Plus C6075B, C6075BR
Design Jet 430 (D-Size) C4713A, C4713AR
Design Jet 430 (E-Size) C4714A, C4714AR
Design Jet 450C (D-size) C4715A, C4715AR, C6086A
Design Jet 450C (E-size) C4716A, C4716AR
Design Jet 455CA (D-size) C6080A, C6080AR
Design Jet 455CA (E-size) C6081A, C6081AR
Design Jet 488CA Series C6082A, C6082AR, C6083A, C6083AR
Design Jet 5500 (42-inch) Q1251A, Q1251AR, Q1251V, Q1251VR, Q1252A, Q1252AR, Q1252V
Design Jet 5500 (60-inch) Q1253A, Q1253AR, Q1253V, Q1253VR, Q1254A, Q1254AR, Q1254V
Design Jet 700 (24-inch) C4705B
Design Jet 700 (36-inch) C4706B, C4706BR
Design Jet 700 (D-size) C4705A
Design Jet 700 (E-size) C4706A
Design Jet 750C (D-size) C3195A
Design Jet Copier CC800PS Q1262A
Design Jet Scanner 4200 Q1280A, Q1280AR
Design Jet Z2100 series Q6675A, Q6675AR, Q6675B, Q6675BR, Q6677A, Q6677AR
Design jet 4000 Series Q1273A, Q1273AR, Q1274A, Q1274AR
Design jet 4500/4500 Scanner Q1271A, Q1271AR, Q1272A, Q1272AR, Q1276A, Q1276AR, Q1277A, Q1277AR
Design jet 820 MFP Q6685A, Q6685AR
Design jet Z3100 series Q5669A, Q5669AR, Q5669B, Q5669BR, Q5670A, Q5670AR, Q6659A, Q6659AR, Q6660A, Q6660AR
Design Jet 110 spindle accessory Q1264A, Q1264AR
Design Jet 5000 Series (42-inch) C6090A, C6090AR, C6090V, C6091A, C6091AR, C6091V
Design Jet 5000 Series (60-inch) C6095A, C6095AR, C6095V, C6096A, C6096AR, C6096V
Design Jet 750C Plus (24-inch) C4708B, C4708BR
Design Jet 750C Plus (36-inch) C4709B, C4709BR
Design Jet 750C Plus (D-size) C4708A
Design Jet 750C Plus (E-size) C3196A, C4709A
Design Jet 755CM Series (E-size) C3198A, C3198B, C3198BR
Design Jet 8000 S series Q6670A, Q6670AR, Q6671A, Q6686A, Q6686AR
Design Jet T1100/T160 printer series Q6683A, Q6683AR, Q6684A, Q6684AR, Q6687A, Q6687AR, Q6688A, Q6688AR, Q6711A, Q6711AR, Q6712A, Q6712AR
HP Design jet 9000s Printer Q6665A, Q6665AR, Q6666A
HP Design jet 500/800 printer series C7769B, C7769BR, C7769C, C7769CR, C7769E, C7769F, C7769FR, C7769G, C7769GR, C7770B, C7770BR, C7770C, C7770CR, C7770E, C7770F, C7770FR, C7770G, C7770GR, C7779B, C7779BR, C7779C, C7779CR, C7780B, C7780BR, C7780C, C7780CR
HP Design jet T1100 MFP series Q6713A, Q6713AR

Mercedes-Benz U.S.A

Laser Repair 911 Printer Services has provided us with excellent response times and the technicians are very professional. They are highly recommended by me.

Danil Garza
IT Analyst

Club Sugar

The techs at Laser Repair 911 Printer Services have done great work on our printers! They go above the call and duty of the job. They are Fast and Efficient. I look forward to working with them in the future.

Rebecca Ruff
Office Manager

Janet Golden

Many thanks for providing top notch printer repair services. I appreciate your honesty in assessing what was wrong with my printer. I appreciated your fast and efficient customer service. Your staff is most professional and courteous. I will definitely call you again, although I probably wont have to for the next five years, but I certainly will recommend you to others.
Thanks again for your kindness.

Rebecca Ruff
Office Manager